Alphanumeric Paging Service

Types of Pagers
There are three types of pagers available.

Numeric: Displays numeric messages up to 10 digits. Numeric pagers can be sent by dialing the pager number and using the telephone keypad to enter your call back number. Numeric pagers can only receive numbers.

Alphanumeric: Displays alphanumeric pages up to 240 characters. Pagers can receive text messages and some have data cast. Alphanumeric pagers can also receive numeric pages if you have no need for text messaging. Alphanumeric pages can also be sent via e-mail.

2- Way Paging: Displays alphanumeric pages up to 240 characters. An integrated keyboard allows messages to be sent. If the pager is turned off or out of the service area, the paging system will deliver the message when the pager is turned back on or returns to the service area.
Pager Coverage
All pagers come with wide area Arizona coverage. Regional and Nationwide coverage is also available.
Choose from a complete menu of paging products - everything from traditional Numeric and Alphanumeric pagers to the advanced 2-Way Pagers that can send and receive e-mail. Once you have selected a pager to fit your needs we are able to help you customize a solution using any of our enhanced services. Feel secure in that if you ever need assistance Rincon will do everything possible to satisfy your request on the first call. As a Rincon customer you can rely on our strong track record of customer satisfaction.
Pager — Arizona answering service in Tucson, AZ
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