Communication Services

Since they began in 1971, Rincon Communications has been offering a wide range of answering and scheduling services throughout the state of Arizona. Click on the services below to find out more or call us today at (800) 340-4350

Answering Services

Rincon Communications uses state-of-the-art equipment and trained professionals to ensure your calls are answered courteously and promptly and your messages are accurate and dispatched correctly. When utilizing Rincon Communications, you will experience prompt and efficient service. Our computerized equipment allows our operators to provide your information to callers as well as log and document each phone call for your records. Your detailed account information is automatically brought up on our operator’s terminals when the telephone is answered including your office hours, address and pertinent dispatch information required by your business. Rincon can tailor a special program to meet all your communication needs.
Phone Operators — Arizona answering service in Tucson, AZ
Answering Service Advantages
Rincon Communications professionals are dedicated to assist in the success of your business.
  • By Following your Protocol, We Become an Extension of Your Office
  • Professional Business Presence
  • Customized Accounts
  • 24 hour & 7 day a Week Live Service
  • Affordable Cost Effective Solution
  • Emergency, After Hours or Regular Coverage
  • Rincon Basis its service on the number of incoming calls answered on your private telephone number.
  • Rincon does not charge to page or text your on-call person, to call that person at home or on their mobile phone, unless the telephone number is a long-distance call.
  • Rincon does not charge for employees to check in on messages or update account protocol.
  • Rincon does not have an additional to answer your phone on holidays.
  • Rincon does not charge to fax or e-mail a copy of your calls to your office on a daily or as needed basis.
  • Rincon’s charges are not based upon minutes or total length of time involved in completing a call.
  • Rincon does not have a 28-day billing cycle which results in 13 bills per year.
  • If there are any further questions or you require additional information, please do not hesitate to call me, Robert O’Brien, President.

Remote Receptionist

In an office, the receptionist is the first point of contact for your business or practice.
Your first impression is the most important.
Our staff will answer phone calls in your company name with a personalized greeting. We will screen, announce and transfer calls anywhere per the exact instructions you provide. A Remote Receptionist is a new way to cut costs, increase office efficiency and improve your image.
Support Center — Arizona answering service in Tucson, AZ
By using our Remote Receptionist Service you are only paying for the number of incoming calls answered on your private telephone number. You never have to pay costs associated with having to pay a full time receptionist. With Remote Receptionist you eliminate employee turnover, payroll taxes and benefits. You also no longer have to worry about Breaks, Lunch Hours and Sick Days.

Answering the phone is a critical function in any business. Making sure the phone’s answered and answered professionally is a very big deal and leaving it to people who are busy with other tasks often results in missed calls and lost business opportunities. A Remote Receptionist will free up key members of your staff to focus on their jobs instead of handling your phone calls.

It makes the most of each telephone call, is more professional than voicemail and is very cost effective.

If there are any further questions or you require additional information, please do not hesitate to call me, Robert O’Brien, President.

Appointment Scheduling

Does the seemingly unending stream of patients and clients coming to you keep you on your toes? Do you find it hard to keep track of who’s coming in for a new appointment and who’s coming in for a follow up? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Rincon Communications has a solution for you! One of the excellent 24/7 services we offer is appointment scheduling.
Using your personal schedule, our experienced communications team will work with your current or prospective clients to book appointments at a time that works best for you. Our team will ensure that you are updated when new appointments are added and all you need to do is focus on what you do best: taking care of your patients and clients. Call (800) 340-4350 today for more information on our booking and scheduling services!

Voice Mail Network

"The most efficient method of message receiving, routing and retrieval ever designed."

Voicemail services are very useful in making a small business seem like a large corporate entity. With a voicemail number your customers will perceive your business as being well established and successful even if you’re working from home.
Voice Mail – The Solution to Many Business Problems
  • Means no one is ever placed on hold
  • Completely eliminates phone tag
  • Is easy to use
  • Is cost efficient
  • Can revert to a Live Operator
  • Offers urgent call paging and message delivery
  • Can dispatch delivery or service technicians
  • Voice Mail services – Tailored to Meet Your Needs
Voice Mail offers a wide array of available options and services including:
Audio text: Audio text is a bulletin board which can provide the caller with specific information such as hours of operation, weekly specials or virtually anything of a timely nature.
Call Screening: Call screening can be used in conjunction with your answering service to save money. It provides specific information to a caller, sorts out advertising responses or outside calls and can revert to an operator for emergencies.
Automated Receptionist: The Automated Receptionist can provide routing information or options (press 2 for sales, 3 for accounting, etc.), specifics or message deposit as well as revert the caller to a live operator.
Phone Keypad — Arizona answering service in Tucson, AZ
Robocall Phone Solution: Robo Call is a mass communications that sends a prerecorded message to hundreds or thousands of call recipients. Phone messages can be sent to political constituents, customers and prospects, or to community members.

Alphanumeric Paging Service

Types of Pagers
There are three types of pagers available.

Numeric: Displays numeric messages up to 10 digits. Numeric pagers can be sent by dialing the pager number and using the telephone keypad to enter your call back number. Numeric pagers can only receive numbers.

Alphanumeric: Displays alphanumeric pages up to 240 characters. Pagers can receive text messages and some have data cast. Alphanumeric pagers can also receive numeric pages if you have no need for text messaging. Alphanumeric pages can also be sent via e-mail.

2- Way Paging: Displays alphanumeric pages up to 240 characters. An integrated keyboard allows messages to be sent. If the pager is turned off or out of the service area, the paging system will deliver the message when the pager is turned back on or returns to the service area.
Pager Coverage
All pagers come with wide area Arizona coverage. Regional and Nationwide coverage is also available.
Choose from a complete menu of paging products - everything from traditional Numeric and Alphanumeric pagers to the advanced 2-Way Pagers that can send and receive e-mail. Once you have selected a pager to fit your needs we are able to help you customize a solution using any of our enhanced services. Feel secure in that if you ever need assistance Rincon will do everything possible to satisfy your request on the first call. As a Rincon customer you can rely on our strong track record of customer satisfaction.
Pager — Arizona answering service in Tucson, AZ
If there are any further questions or you require additional information, please do not hesitate to call me, Robert O’Brien, President at 520-790-2121.